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    Intellectual Property

    • Non-litigation Service Concerning IP (Trade Secrets, Patent, Trademark, and Copyright)
    Diagnosing and formulating management systems concerning Trade Secrets, Patent, Trademark, and Copyright
    Participating in the negotiation concerning licensing/transfer transactions of technique secrets, Patent, Trademark, Copyright, and; drafting the relevant legal documents
    Advising on other issues related to Trade Secrets, Patent, Trademark, and Copyright
    • IP Dispute Resolution
    Representing clients in the civil, criminal, administrative proceedings concerning Trade Secrets, Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Franchise, mainly including:
    Investigating and collecting evidence concerning tortfeasors, infringement facts, illegal profits and so on
    Formulating and organizing litigation strategies (including the legal demonstration, the expert panel discussion and so on)
    Issuing warning letters, and lawyer’s letters
    Representing clients to apply the evidence preservation, property preservation, prohibition order before or during the litigation
    Representing clients to bring a lawsuit, respond in a proceeding, file an appeal, or apply for retrial, and so on
    • Un-fair Competition Related to IP
    Representing clients in the proceedings related to feigning the others’ registered trademark, or, using the specific name, package, decoration of the famous or noted commodities and so on
    Representing clients in the proceedings related to propagandizing false advertisement
    Representing clients in the proceedings related to abusing of IP
    • Franchising Agreements
    Formulating, and amending franchising agreements and the relevant management regulations
    Representing clients to handle the archival filing formalities to the commerce administrative departments
    Advising on the other issues related to franchising agreements
    • Providing customized IP trainings


    • Diagnosing, formulating employment rules and regulations
    Which mainly include: labor contracts, collective contracts, training agreements, non-compete agreements, labor dispatching agreements, employee handbooks, employee stock ownership plans, wages and allowance plans, layoffs plans, labor protection system and so on.
    • Advising on employment issues
    Such as the issues about the social insurance, work-related injuries, and occupational diseases; the female employees in “Three Periods”; the employment of foreign staffs; the labor union, the employees’ representatives conference, and so on.
    • Dealing with sudden events
    Dealing with the stoppage and slowdown Providing solutions to the potential collective disputes, or conflicts; and dealing with individual cases
    Advising on special cases, such as senior staffs have violated laws, or compliance/anti-corruption regulations; and assisting clients to investigate and collect evidence, claim for liabilities and so on.
    • Representing clients in all kinds of labor dispute resolutions, including the labor dispute mediation, arbitration and litigation
    • Providing customized employment trainings

    Foreign Direct Investment

    • Investigating and analyzing the entry requirements for specified industries
    • Evaluating potential counterparties
    • Designing and amending investment plans, M&A plans
    • Conducting legal due diligence
    • Participating in negotiations (the counterparties include commercial partners or local governments)
    • Advising on the investment/ deregistration of foreign-invested enterprises
    Advising on foreign exchange, custom, taxation
    Advising on the establishment, adjustment, equity or asset restructuring; M&A; liquidation and so on
    • Handling the procedures concerning investment/ deregistration of foreign-invested enterprises
    The procedures related to the establishment, adjustment, equity or asset restructuring, M&A, liquidation and dissolution of all kinds of enterprises, which include WOFE, Representative Office, Joint Venture, Cooperative Joint Venture, Reginal Headquarter of the Transnational Corporation, Investment Company, Holding Company and so on
    The procedures related to the application, adjustment, and deregistration of the license for special industries


    • Legal Research
    Investigating laws, regulations, policies, rules, tendencies concerning compliance issues, such as anti-commercial bribery, anti-monopoly, unfair competition (despite those related to IP) and so on
    • Diagnosing and formulating compliance systems / Reviewing and updating those compliance systems periodically
    Diagnosing and formulating compliance systems Which mainly refers to the systemization of those compliance systems, such as compliance policies (e.g. anti-commercial bribery rules related to the sales, anti-monopoly rules related to M&A and so on), the compliance guidance and so on
    Designing the compliance review system and procedure; reviewing and evaluating the system and procedure item by item. Updating the relevant compliance documents
    • Providing customized compliance trainings

    Significant/Complicated Commercial Negotiation

    • Investigating the background of counterparties and target transactions
    • Designing or participating in the formulation of negotiation strategies
    • Participating in the commercial negotiation
    • Drafting, amending the relevant documents
    • Assisting clients to deal with the relevant procedures

    Corporate Counsel

    Providing customized corporate counsel service for different categories of enterprises in different industries