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    The Vice-GM of a Giant Japanese-invested Company was sentenced into jail for infringing his former employer’s trade secrets, by stealing more than 100,000 pieces of drawings and producing the same products

    Company R found its vice-GM Ping X, a Japanese, had established Company F in Anhui province. Company F produced and sold the same products as Company R…….
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    The Amount of Damages as Decided in the Criminal Judgement Was Chopped Down in the Civil Lawsuit!

    In the criminal case on Trade Secrets infringement, Shanghai First Intermediate High People’s Court decides that Company Y and other 2 defendants had infringed the technical information of Company M, the amount of the illegal profit is amounting……
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    3 Years, Formulating the Trade Secrets Protection System of a Giant R&D State-owned Entity

    A R&D state-owned entity has more than 20 departments (including more than 10 R&D departments), and nearly 3000 staffs. Every day, it also has hundreds of people……
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    Patent Fight Between Two Giant Telecom Companies—- Retrial Case of the Supreme High People’s Court

    Company Z claimed that Company H has used one of its patents in two telecom products, and brought the lawsuit to an intermediate people’s court in Shanxi province……
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    A Copyright Criminal Case

    The defendant has reprinted more than 3000 novels of “Qidian Website” (one of the biggest Chinese novel website), finally the defendant was only ruled for probation……
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    Significant Negotiation

    In the summer of 2015, the shareholders of an e-commerce company had disputes on running the business. Both the holding shareholder and the founding shareholder would like ……

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